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Catherine Palace 
Below is Map (click to enlarge) for wheelchair access to Catherine Palace
from Catherine Park Main Entrance

A lift (elevator) for wheelchair* users is available at the Catherine Palace during opening hours, but it is necessary to notify the museum in advance. A wheelchair, if available, can be borrowed at the cloakroom in the vestibule of the Catherine Palace (a valid ID should be deposited).

  • Tel: +7 (812) 465-94-24 (museum administrator, preferably in Russian)
  • E-mail (preferably in English or Russian)

* PLEASE NOTE that wheelchairs with black, spiked or other wheels capable of leaving marks on parquet floors are not allowed in all our buildings except the Upper and Lower Bathhouses, Court Carriage Exhibition and Martial Chamber. A substitute wheelchair can be borrowed only at the Catherine Palace and Arsenal.

Catherine Park Pavilions

Agate Rooms (upper floor of Cold Bath)
Wheelchair users enter and leave the Agate Rooms via the Ramp and Hanging Garden, but first please approach the Cold Bath pavilion's main entrance on the ground floor for the ticket and audio guide.

Upper Bathhouse and Lower Bathhouse
Full wheelchair accessibility, no advance notice required.

Hermitage and Turkish Bath
No wheelchair accessibility.

Court Carriage Exhibition at Duty Stable pavilion
Full wheelchair accessibility, no advance notice required.

Martial Chamber (World War I Museum)
Full wheelchair accessibility, no advance notice required.

Arsenal pavilion in Alexander Park
Conditioned wheelchair access:
a 20-30 mintute advance notice is required by phone +7 (812) 415 76 51 (in Russian),
or a 24-hour advance notice by E-mail (preferably in English or Russian).

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