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Event Calendar 2018


Night of Arts 2018 Nov 4
5 - 9 pm
Catherine Palace
Zubov Wing
Children in the Great War
Nov 18
Martial Chamber
The Anglo-Russian Hospital in Petrograd. 1915–1918
exhibition opening
Nov 23 Martial Chamber
Palaces, Mansions & Estates in a Museum Format
24th Tsarskoe Selo Academic Conference
Nov 26 - 28 Catherine Palace


Midsummer Night's Dream
Project Associations 10th Anniversary exhibition
Dec 2
Catherine Palace
Zubov Wing
A Christmas Tale children's ball Dec 22
5.30 pm
Catherine Palace
Great Hall
New Year's Concert by Albert Zhaliov Dec 31
3 pm
Catherine Palace
Great Hall


* Subject To Change or To Be Announced, please keep checking back for updates

Tickets to summer concerts are available at Catherine Park Ticket Offices
and to winter concerts at Catherine Palace Ticket Offices
from the beginning of the month they are scheduled

Event Calendar
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