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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: May I reserve a tour of the Catherine Palace?
A: Yes, individual visitors can book e-tickets HERE *
     ( * You can also book e-tickets to Court Carriage Exhibition and Martial Chamber and exchange them for actual entry tickets at places of visit 12.00 to 16.00 [12pm to 4pm] on day of visit. )
    PLEASE make sure you read the Online Booking Rules so you know the hours when you can visit the Catherine Palace with e-tickets and where you should go first to exchange your e-ticket for an actual entry ticket.  
    PLEASE NOTE:       
    - E-ticket prices and visiting times may differ from those stated in Visiting Information which is only for visitors buying on-site tickets. E-tickets to the Catherine Palace are usually more expensive during high season as they include park fee and allow fast-track entry.
    - April 27 to September, e-tickets to the palace to be exchanged for entry tickets at the ticket booth near the Church Gate.
    - May to September, no maintenance day off at the palace on the last Monday of each month.
    - Late April to late October, e-ticket Catherine Palace historic interiors includes the Catherine Park fee, however you cannot enter the park with your e-ticket until you have exchanged it for an actual entry ticket and had your tour of the palace.
    - E-tickets to the Catherine Palace and Martial Chamber do not include audio guides, which are to be rented on day of visit.
    - All vouchers (e-tickets) do not allow any concessional admission, i.e. no reduced price tickets for students and schoolchildren above 16, and no free passes for visitors under 16 and ICOM card holders as well. Reduced and free passes are to be obtained on visiting days at the Museum's ticket offices on presentation of valid IDs, with no fast-track entry.
   - Organizations seeking to reserve a tour for their official delegations should address their official requests to Director by fax: +7 (812) 465-21-96.

Q: Why are some dates not available for booking?  (or, Why is "Catherine Palace historic interiors" or some other e-ticket not available for booking on some dates and can I still buy tickets on site?)

A: Because either all e-tickets have been sold out for those dates (daily quantity is limited), or the attraction is closed (check Admission & Hours), or you tried to book a date over 30 days away (reservations become available 30 days in advance).
     If the date you want is already booked, you can still visit the palace or other attraction on the day, but you will have to queue and buy entry tickets at the ticket offices/counters/booths. Visiting info

Q: The Select Ticket page shows 50 (60, 70, etc) tickets available on the date I need. But why does the next page where I choose quantity of tickets shows ‘Tickets available: 4’?
A: Because the page where you choose quantity of tickets shows the maximum quantity one is allowed to book. Online Booking Rules

Q: My payment for e-ticket was successful, but why did I not receive my voucher?
A: You should receive at least two messages at the e-mail address you provided during your booking.
    One message, usually titled “Your payment has been successfully processed by Uniteller system”, comes from Uniteller to confirm if your card payment was successful and provide you with your Receipt. This payment confirmation message does NOT have your Visiting Date (which you please try not to forget) but it has your Order Number – six digits before a hyphen in “Order ID” or “Transaction ID” or “Transaction Number”. The Receipt has taxation info only and comes from and
    The other message comes from and has Your Order Number of six digits in the subject line. The message contains your Voucher (E-ticket), which has your “Date of Visit” and “Voucher (Electronic ticket) No.” (same as Order Number).
    If you got your Receipt but not your Voucher, please check your spam folder for messages from
    PLEASE NOTE: No, we cannot re-generate and re-send you the Voucher. But do not worry! If you still cannot find it, then, on the day of your visit, you can receive your entry ticket(s) at the palace ticket offices (May to September at Ticket Booth near the Church Gate where you have a fast-track entrance) by presenting your Order Number (or your payment confirmation from Uniteller) and your ID (or a copy of the ID of the person who did the booking).

Q: I received the vertification code by e-mail, but when I enter it on the booking page, why do I receive the 'Missing captcha fields' note?
A: It seems you are experiencing some technical problems. Please kindly try the online booking procedure on a different device or a different browser.

Q: Can I pay for an audio guide when I book an e-ticket online?
A: No. Audio guides can only be rented and paid at the museum (cash and cards are accepted).

Q: Why no selfie sticks in the Catherine Palace?
A: Selfie sticks are not allowed inside the Catherine Palace for safety reasons and because of the accessory's inconvenience to others.

Q: Why no photography or video in the Amber Room?
A: (1) The amber décor is extremely light/flash sensitive and changes its natural, organic origin colour gamma with years. (2) That often impedes the flow of visitors. That is why neither flash nor flashless photography or video is allowed in the Amber Room.

Q: Is the Amber Room always included in a palace tour?
A: Yes, with one exception on Route 3 "Grand Duke Paul's Apartments" which may operate only in summer season.

Q: Why no entrance via the Golden Gates?
A: Entrance via the Golden Gates and Main Courtyard is used by official delegations (or sometimes by organized groups that reserve tours through the travel companies contracted by the museum).

Q: Is there any difference in ticket prices for Russian and foreign tourists?
A: From 1 July 2016, reduced-rate tickets to the Catherine Palace are available for adult visitors who are tax residents of the Russian Federation. Adult visitors who are not tax residents of the Russian Federation, have full-rate tickets to the Catherine Palace. All the other prices remain without difference for the time being.

Q: Is there any difference between entry hours and ticket office hours at the Catherine Palace?
A: No. Entry hours co-incide with ticket office hours at all the museums and exhibitions of Tsarskoye Selo.

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