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Imperial Fashion: The Power of Beauty, 26.06.2018

10th Anniversary
annual art & fashion show

Last Saturday the Catherine Park saw the 10th anniversary celebration of our Project Associations, which combines fashion design with a wide style array of the former imperial residence and has been dubbed St Petersburg's Main Summer Fashion Event.

The top fashion designers of St Petersburg – Tatyana Parfionova, Lilia Kisselenko, Stas Lopatkin, Ianis Chamalidy and Leonid Alexeev – teamed up with Tsarskoe Selo again.

This year, under the title Imperial Fashion: The Power of Beauty, they demonstrated their interpretations of how the former crowned owners of Tsarskoe Selo influenced style and fashion in the Russian Empire. Like some previous years, the designer shows were staged all around the park by the renowned production director Victor Kramer.


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