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Time will tell, 27.07.2018

The weathercock of the soon-to-be-restored Chapelle pavilion in the Alexander Park now guards our letter for posterity sealed in a time capsule.   Click pictures above and below to enlarge them

Damaged in WWII like the whole building, its original rooster-shaped copper weather vane (above left) has undergone conservation and will be put on display inside. The remade one (above right) is to be installed on the rooftop in a few days, now with the time capsule in its pedestal (below) which contains our letter for posterity (above, in the hands of Tsarskoe Selo director) describing the Museum’s life and achievements as of 2018.

The nineteenth-century Neo-Gothic pavilion has been waiting to be restored for over 70 years. In August, the scaffolding should be removed from this most romantic pavilion of the park symbolizing the transience of time. The Chapelle is expected to open for visiting this autumn.

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