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Alexander II at Tsarskoe Selo. 'Home at last...', 01.08.2018

The exhibition Alexander II at Tsarskoe Selo. 'Home at last...' dedicated to the 200th birth anniversary of Emperor Alexander II is on from August 1 till the end of 2018.

The exhibition occupies the former private rooms of Alexander II on the first floor in the Zubov Wing of the Catherine Palace.

Entrance from Private Garden

Lost during the Second World War, those interiors survived only in watercolours by Luigi Premazzi and Eduard Hau, as well as in illuminated works by photograph Steinmueller and other photographs from 1930s. Our display attempts to “reconstruct”  a few of the rooms with some of their original furnishings (see below, click to enlarge).  

About 200 artifacts such as paintings, furniture and porcelain pieces, weapons, bronzes and uniforms which belonged to the emperor and his family members and were used by them at Tsarskoe Selo, are presented by our Museum and by Moscow’s Ostankino Estate Museum. The latter loaned to the exhibition 25 furniture pieces from Alexander’s Office in the Ostankino Palace.

The highlights include the arms from the non-restored Asiatic Room of the Catherine Palace, some personal effects – his clock, briefcase and portraits of his grandchildren – from Alexander’s desk, and some pieces of the famous Lyons furniture set from the sitting room of Alexander’s wife, Empress Maria Alexandrovna (below right, click to enlarge).

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