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15 years later, 10.09.2018

The 15th year since the Amber Room restoration was finished after over two decades in May 2003, has been marked with a visit by the ex-heads of Ruhrgas AG, the German company that donated US$3.5 million for the restoration back in 1999.

Messrs Achim Middelschulte, Ulrich Unger, Endrik Rehagel and Ms Irene Commeßmann (see left, in Amber Room with Mr Igdalov, click to enlarge) were accompanied by Chairman Pavel Khoroshilov of the Russian Historical Society.

They met with Director Olga Taratynova and ex-head curator Larisa Bardovskaya of Tsarskoe Selo and Director Boris Igdalov of the Tsarskoe Selo Amber Workshop, the restorers.

After admiring the ever-attractive Amber Room, the honoured guests visited our Arsenal and Martial Chamber which were not yet restored 15 years ago.

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