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Apple Midday 2018, 11.09.2018

The warm and sunny Apple Midday Saturday on September 8th saw over a thousand visitors enjoying our annual autumn fun fest for kids and parents.

It is the only day in the year when everyone can visit the Greenhouses of Tsarskoe Selo in the Alexander Park and have a guided tour of our Apple Garden with hints on successful gardening.

The other treats of this year's Apple Midday included:

  • Carnival culture, masks, grotesque and buffoonery by Mr Pejo`s Wandering Dolls theatre company
  • Theatre Shows: Legendary Magic Show and YaGa by the KouvyrCom theatre and Punch by the Papier-Machinators puppet theatre
  • Professional Workshops: Apple Postcards and Apple Wish Tree
  • Giant Soap Bubbles & outdoor games
  • Face-in-hole stands
  • Food court

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