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100 masterpieces, 12.10.2018

The Four Museums’ Centenary Project, marking this year’s 100th anniversary of Tsrskoe Selo, Peterhof, Pavlovsk and Gatchina as museums, is continued with their joint exhibition Il Secolo dei Musei. 100 Capolavori dalle residenze imperiali Russe which runs at the Palazzo Sant'Elia in Palermo from October 11 December 11, 2018.

Part of an international culture project titled Russian Seasons, the exhibition showcases over 100 masterpieces which the four former imperial residences picked from their collections to represent their most characteristic epochs.

Tsarskoe Selo has brought to Italy some exquisite artifacts of the late seventeenth to nineteenth centuries from the reigns of Elzabeth Petrovna, Catherine the Great and Alexander II.

Our masterpieces on display include: Portrait of Elizabeth Petrovna by Virgilius Eriksen (1757; see left, click to enlarge), Portrait of Catherine II by an unknown artist from the circle of Dmitry Levitsky, Portrait of Alexander II by Nikolai Lavrov, the 1846  oil on canvas A Stroll in Palermo by Franz Ludwig Catel (below left); a carved amber medallion with Empress Elizabeth Petrovna (possibly by Johann Roggenbuck, 1770s); early 18th-century German amber cases for board games like chess, tric-trac and flirt; the surviving lapis-lazuli pieces from the Catherine Palace’s Lyons Hall furnishing set (below right); and the original mosaic painting Touch and Smell (Florence, Italy, 1751) stolen from the Amber Room during WWII, then found in Germany in 1997 and later returned to Tsarskoe Selo.

The exhibition is supported by the Russian Ministry of Culture, the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Cultural Activities and Tourism, the St Petersburg Culture Committee and the Palermo City Hall.

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