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Night of Arts 2018, 02.11.2018

On Sunday, November 4, Tsarskoe Selo will again take part in the All-Russian Night of Arts.

This year we offer you two after-hours exhibitions at the Zubov Wing of the Catherine Palace, which will be available for visiting 5 to 9 p.m.

Midsummer Night’s Dream, our Project Associations’ 10th anniversary exhibition of modern fashion designers reimagining the historical styles of Tsarskoe Selo, will offer free entrance from the Ramp and Hanging Garden.

Alexander II at Tsarskoe Selo: Home at last..., our exhibition dedicated to the emperor’s 200th birth anniversary, will be available at Rub 150 (adults) and Rub 80 (students), with audio guides included and with entrance from the Catehrine Palace Vestibule (entrance to the palace near the Cold Bath pavilion).

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