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Plate with Nicholas II’s monogram donated to Museum, 01.11.2018

A presentation plate (see left, click to enlarge) with an Alexander Palace prewar inventory number (below) is donated to Tsarskoe Selo by Mr  Maxim Revyakin, a Moscow collector.

Our museum experts believe that the plate with the monogram of the last Russian emperor was looted from the palace during the Second World War. The donator obtained it on the antique market.

The inscribed and ornamented plate was presented to the tsar from peasants of Tver Province in 1915.

According to a prewar inventory, this plate decorated the corridor of the Alexander Palace’s first porch, where hang many other presentation plates which then counted over 70 in the Museum’s collection (now only six).

The donation will grace the permanent display in the Alexander Palace as soon as the latter opens after restoration.

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