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"Heir’s Oak" to be reborn, 20.10.2011

The English oak seen in our collection’s watercolour View of a part of the Private Garden near the Alexander Palace, painted in 1917 by Tsesarevich Alexei’s personal physician Vladimir Derevenko (1879-1936), was greatly admired by the child Heir.

That oak did not survive. Yet in the lingering memory of the son of Nicholas II, the Alexander Park will have a new one planted on the same place. In early October 2011, fifty acorns from the park’s four over two-hundred-year-old English oaks were gathered on the shores of the Façade, Children’s and Kitchen Ponds, then to be seeded and brought up at our greenhouses.

The new tree will grace the park in a few years after the coming restoration of the Alexander Palace and the Private Garden.

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