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Theo Fabergé, the last grandson of Russian Imperial jeweller Carl Fabergé, designed the Tsarskoye Selo Egg to celebrate the 300th Anniversary of the establishment of Tsarskoye Selo – the most beautiful of architectural and domestic creations outside St Petersburg.

On 27 July 2010 in the Third Antechamber of the Catherine Palace, Philip Birkenstein, Chairman of St Petersburg Collection presented the Tsarskoye Selo Egg on behalf of Theo Fabergé to the State Museum Tsarskoye Selo. 

Theo Fabergé‘s creation is an enduring tribute to the magnificent imperial summer residence and to the culture, which created it.

The crystal Egg standing 30cms tall is mouth-blown and hand-engraved with images of the Royal Russian family at the principal palaces in Tsarskoye Selo. To the front, Tsar Nicholas II is pictured with the Tsarina Alexandra in front of the Alexander Palace. The five children of the last Tsar and Tsarina are shown playing snowball in front of the Little Hermitage in the gardens of Catherine’s Palace. The final cartouche is that of Catherine’s Palace itself. Three glorious palace gates are ornamented to include the subtle differentiation of pedestal and ornament created by the original architects and craftsmen in wrought-iron. The superb hand-engraving continues in ornamental tassels enamelled with 24-carat gold, descending from the finial of a triple-headed eagle fashioned in gold and silver. Engraved to the girdle of the Egg, the monograms of all the Tsars who lived in Tsarskoye Selo. The fluted gold and silver base is set on a foot mouth-blown in fine crystal and fashioned to resemble amber.

In the tradition of the Fabergé family, open the Egg to reveal the surprise; Tsar Nicholas II, last Emperor of all the Russias, on horseback. Nicholas is modelled in gold and silver after an oil-painting whose original was acquired by the friends of St Petersburg Collection and returned to Alexander Palace a decade ago.

The “jubilee” Tsarskoye Selo Egg is the famous jeweller’s third creation presented to the Museum. The recently late Theo Fabergé, St Petersburg Collection and the State Museum-Preserve Tsarskoye Selo are all connected by long-lasting friendship ties, supported through annual programs of the St Petersburg Association for International Cooperation.

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