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Prestige of Petersburg, 25.11.2015

On 23 November 2015, a joint project of Tsarskoye Selo and Hong Kong Museum of History beat other nominees in the Prestige of Petersburg category at the 2015 Museum Olympus Awards ceremony with trophies from St Petersburg museum community.

The large-scale exhibition titled Treasures from Tsarskoye Selo, Residence of the Russian Monarchs, which took about 3 years to plan, was the first project bringing the collections of the imperial summer residence to HKSAR. It ran in downtown Hong Kong during 28 October 2914 to 16 March 2015 and was extremely successful with over 130,000 locals and tourists.  

Receiving a Mnemosyne statuette from Mr Vladimir Kirillov, St Petersburg Vice-Governor, Director Olga Taratynova of Tsarskoye Selo (see picture above and click to enlarge) emphasized that this great cultural event – and ultimately the award – became possible thanks to the outstanding enthusiasm and professionalism of the colleagues in Hong Kong, whose love of their work showed in every detail of the design, arrangement and organization of the exhibition.

The eight-section display at Hong Kong Museum of History, featuring even a carriage used during Alexander II’s coronation in 1856, showcased over 200 exhibits (427 items). It included an impressive multimedia installation, with a dozen projectors reproducing eight staterooms of the Catherine Palace and offering an unforgettable virtual visiting experience. The museum’s entrance and main staircase were skillfully decorated with some stylized elements of the Catherine Palace façade and the Catherine Park.

The winner in the Museum of the Year nomination in 2010, Tsarskoye Selo now holds five Mnemosyne trophies: one in 2010, two in 2013 and one in 2014 (Exposition of the Year).

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