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Apple Midday 2016, 14.09.2016

Saturday, September 10th saw the 5th Apple Midday at the Greenhouses of Tsarskoye Selo. Like the four previous times, our annual autumn family event gathered many outdoor likers of different ages.

The historic Greenhouses in the Alexander Park became a setting for a fairytale garden from Wonderland of Lewis Carroll. The event attendees were greeted by the Hatter, March Hare, Governess and Dormouse played by actors of the Karlsson Haus Theatre in St Petersburg. Their award-winning show The tea party is likely to take place, which was partially performed at our event, took the viewers to a Mad Tea-Party at a large table specially made from natural materials and set in the garden.

A recently formed St Petersburg band named Proletarian Tango delivered cheerful covers of Soviet era hits, while masters from the Sculptor Anikushin Workshop, Zelenogorsk Florists and Very Good Studio gave classes on art installations, wreaths, fruit and vegetable bouquets and carving.

The treats included apple jam from the apple garden of the Greenhouses.

Photos above and below: Apple Midday 2016 at Tsarskoye Selo (click to enlarge)

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