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Arsenal awarded, 23.12.2016

The Arsenal of Tsarskoe Selo came first in the Exposition (permanent display) of the Year category at the 2016 Museum Olympus, the annual awards of St Petersburg museum community.

The Mnemosyne trophy was handed over to Director Olga Taratynova of Tsarskoe Selo on December 3rd (see photo, click to enlarge) at the awards ceremony at the State Hermitage, which participated in the making of the Imperial Arms Collection display in the Arsenal.

After the Russia in the Great War display at the Martial Chamber was awarded in 2014, it is our second Mnemosyne in the same category and the sixth in total since 2010, when Tsarskoe Selo won the category Museum of the Year. The other three Mnemosynes were awarded in 2013 (Exhibition Project and Museum Book of the Year) and 2015 (Prestige of Petersburg).

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