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Through French eyes, 07.09.2017

Thierry Lefort (see right, click to enlarge), a renowned French artist with works successfully showcased in Paris and Tokyo, came to paint Tsarskoe Selo’s landscapes as part of the Plein Air: Historic Landscapes of Russia project by the Russian National Association for the Revival of Historic Gardens and Parks.

As a member of the Association, our Museum is honoured to inspire the artist who started painting in various techniques at 12 and has been ‘catching the world with the tip of his brush’ ever since. Thierry Lefort’s own visual way of rendering impressions became his special creative manner.

According to Director Olga V. Taratynova of Tsarskoe Selo, the Association’s Chairwoman, six French painters of different styles were invited for the project. Three of them are now in St Petersburg, working at Tsarskoe Selo, the Kirov Park and the Maryino Manor. The other three are at the Yasnaya Polyana Estate in Tula Region, the Ramon Palace in Voronezh Region and the Rostov Kremlin in Yaroslavl Region.    

Plein Air will end with a traveling exhibition of the six French artists to be first hosted by the Russian members of the Association and then by some chateaus in France.

The project is supported by the Russian Embassy in France, and the Foundation des Parcs et Jardins de France headed by Marie-Sol de la Tour d'Auvergne.

Below (click to enlarge): Thierry Lefort is inspired by the Marble Bridge in the Catherine Park.


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