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Tsarskoe Selo showcased in Slovakia, 13.10.2017


A photo exhibition titled Tsarskoe Selo: yesterday, today and tomorrow opened in the Slovak town of Detva on 29 October 2017 (see photos above, click to enlarge).

Copies of sixty unique photographs from our Museum’s collection showcase historic views of the Catherine Palace and its interiors and tell about the site’s destruction during the Second World War and revival afterwards, with some current images of opening ceremonies of our restored objects and themed exhibitions.  

The youth-oriented project is co-organized by Tsarskoe Selo and the town councils of Detva, Košice, Lučenec and Michalovce, and supported by the Slovak Consulate General in St Petersburg.  

The town of Detva is famous for its folk festivals. On October 11 the Slovaks reciprocated with a performance of Detva’s folk artists in the Great Hall of the Catherine Palace (see below, click to enlarge).

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