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Crocuses: Waiting for Springtime, 20.10.2017

Now titled Crocuses: Waiting for Springtime, our annual social and eclolgical action for children with special and/or other needs was held in the Alexander Park on October 19, 2017.

This year crocus bulbs in a heart-shaped flowerbed near the White Tower were planted by the children currently sheltered at Aist (Ciconia), a Pushkin Region centre for families and children in need or in difficult life situations.

Pledged to return in April and see their heart of flowers in bloom, the children enjoyed a tour by Fair Lady and her story on how and when crocuses were brought to Europe and why they are called saffron. The planting was followed by a tea party.

Our social and ecological action is aimed at helping children with special and/or other needs get adapted to a cultural context and making their life rich and diverse. Its mandatory educational component includes telling the children about some unique features of crocuses and the history of the pavilion with its engrossing atmosphere of a knight’s castle.   Click pictures to enlarge them


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