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Park sculpture readied for winter, 25.10.2017

Nearly forty outdoor sculptures in the Catherine and Alexander Parks are being wrapped in winter covers to withstand cold.                Click pictures to enlarge them

The first to “hibernate” are the sculptures on the Large Chinese Bridge and the Granite Terrace. Then the “winter clothes” will be put on the busts near the Grotto and the vase near the Hermitage, as well as the Girl with a pitcher, the statues in the Private and Maids-of-Honour Gardens and alongside the park façade of the palace. The busts on the Cameron Gallery will be removed inside its enclosed area.

The Venetian marble statues on the Hermitage Alley and at the Main Porch of the palace will have additional canvas wrappings, breathable and moisture absorbing.

As always before the winter, the sculptures also get thoroughly cleaned and some are treated with a moisture repellent. We will see them all uncovered again next spring as soon as weather permits.

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