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Our exhibition awarded, 14.11.2017

The 2017 Museum Olympus, the annual awards of St Petersburg museum community, have honoured our exhibition Tsarskoe Selo 1917: on the eve… with the win in the Exhibition of the Year category.

On 13 November 2017 the Mnemosyne trophy was handed over to director Olga V. Taratynova of Tsarskoe Selo during the awards ceremony at the Central Naval Museum.

The exhibition consisting of two equally important parts shows the former imperial suburban residence a hundred years ago between the February and October revolutions of 1917. Those month were different here than in other imperial residences of St Petersburg (then Petrograd) and its environs. While “Citizen Romanov”, the abdicated emperor Nicholas II, stayed with his family at the Alexander Palace under arrest by the Provisional Government, the nationalized Great Palace and park pavilions of Tsarskoe Selo were inventoried by the Art and History Commission tasked with turning palaces into museums.

Arranged with participation from the State Archive of the Russian Federation, the temporary display with over a hundred exhibits is conceived by Dr Iraida K. Bott, Tsarskoe Selo deputy director for research and education, and curated by Tatiana S. Andreeva of our senior research staff in Exhibitions Department.  

This year our other achievements include being shortlisted in the Museum to Children category for the White Tower Dacha Seasons interactive programme for children, and two honorary jury awards for the Apple Midday garden event (Museum Informal) and the completion of our permanent display at the Martial Chamber (Exposition of the Year).

Following the initiative by our Museum, the jury also presented Special Awards to deputy director Olga Razina of Sankt-Peterburg TV Channel for supporting museum development in St Petersburg, and to chairman and CEO Herman Gref of Sberbank for sponsoring Tsarskoe Selo’s purchase of the Romanov archive.

Our Mnemosyne count stands at seven now, resulting from the previous wins in 2010 (Museum of the Year), 2013 (Exhibition Project and Museum Book of the Year), 2014 (Exposition of the Year), 2015 (Prestige of Petersburg) and 2016 (Exposition of the Year).

Photo above, left to right (click to enlarge): Tsarskoe Selo's Olga Schevelyova of Children's Programmes, Georgy Vvedensky of Military History Department, director Olga Taratynova, deputy director Iraida Bott, Tatiana Andreeva of Exhibitions Department

Below, left (click to enlarge): Michael Piotrovsky, Russia's Museum Alliance president and State Hermitage director, announcing nominees in Museum to Children category
Below, middle (click to enlarge): Special Award winner Olga Razina of Sankt-Peterburg TV Channel
Below, right (click to enlarge): Deputy chairman Oleg Tikhomirov of Sberbank North-West, representative of Special Award winner Herman Gref

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