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Our doll collection grows, 12.12.2017

Our Museum has purchased ten late nineteenth-century French dolls at the Drouot auction in Paris, thanks to financial support from Mr Philip Birkenstein, Chairman of the St Petersburg Collection and Member of the Tsarskoe Selo Friends Society.

These additions to our collection include an eight-piece set of dolls in Russian and Ukrainian folk costumes (see below left, click to enlarge) and a pair in presumably Russian folk costumes (see below right, click to enlarge). Our curators believe the dolls were the souvenirs commemorating Nicholas II’s official visit to France in 1896, when the Russian emperor was accompanied by his wife Alexandra and less-than-one-year-old daughter Olga.

The dolls will be presented at the permanent display in the Alexander Palace after its restoration and showcased at our future temporary exhibitions on the life and trips of the Russian imperial family.

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