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Grand ducal porcelain, 27.03.2018

Michael Romanoff Ilyinsky, President of the Romanov Family Association and Friend of Tsarskoe Selo, has presented to the Museum a recently auctioned coffee cup and saucer set with the crowned cypher of his great-grandfather, Grand Duke Pavel Alexandrovcih, the son of Emperor Alexander II and Empress Maria Alexandrovna.

Made in Limoges probably in the early twentieth century, the white French porcelain set is decorated with gilded vegetative ornament (see photos left and below, click to enlarge). The cup and saucer are joining our porcelain collection and will be showcased at our future exhibitions dedicated to Grand Duke Pavel and his descendants.

‘Memorial objects of the crowned owners of the imperial residence and their close circle are of great importance to the Museum’, says Dr. Iraida Bott, our Deputy Director for Research and Education. ‘The life of Pavel Alexandrovich was tightly connected with Tsarskoe Sleo, where he was born on 3 October 1860. Then the first floor of the South (Zubov) Wing of the Catherine Palace housed the children’s rooms which Pavel shared with his elder brother Sergei.’

A member of our Friends Society since 2007, Prince Michael Romanoff Ilyinsky has contributed much to Tsarskoe Selo. He personally donated to the Museum a number of rare artifacts like some belongings of his grandfather, Grand Duke Dmitri Pavlovich Romanov (1891–1942). Thanks to Michael Romanoff Ilyinsky, the Museum now holds Russia’s largest collection of Grand Duke Dmitri memorabilia.

Commemorating the 400th Anniversary of the House of Romanov in 2013, Michael handed over to the Museum the archive and belongings of members of the Romanov dynasty. Showcased at our 2013 exhibition The Romanovs: From Tsarskoe Selo to Cincinnati, the objects include over 100 photographs, dozens of books, as well as letters, paintings, and portraits of some closest relatives of the imperial family, such as a watercolour of Grand Duke Dmitri Pavlovich and an oil on canvas depicting Grand Duchess Elizaveta Fyodorovna.

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