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Commemorative photo, 12.09.2018

Since this year celebrates the Centenary of Tsarskoe Selo as a museum, taking a commemorative picture of all our staff with the Catherine Palace in the background seemed like a wonderful idea.

Unfortunately, we could not gather all our employees, which total nearly one thousand during the high season. In early September, several hundreds came together near the Main or “Monighetti” Porch of the Palace facing the Main Courtyard. We said “cheese” and released hundreds of white, blue and golden balloons into the sky (see picture above, click to enlarge, and see video below).

The celebration will be continued with our Chapelle Pavilion’s opening after restoration in mid-September and with a massive exhibition of St Petersburg’s former imperial residences at the Manege Central Exhibition Hall later this month.

Historical facts:

On 9 June 1918, the Catherine Palace had its first visitors, which totaled 294 that day and 18,119 that year and 42,851 in 1919. The Alexander Palace opened for visiting on 23 June 1918.

In 2017, Tsarskoe Selo received 3.6 million visitors.

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