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Tsarskoe Selo 2018: Results, 27.12.2018

We are summing up our achievements and best acquisitions in 2018, which was yet another year of a greater visitor flow with nearly 4 million tickets sold (almost 100,000 more than in 2017). The Amber Room, which marks 15 years since its re-creation, remains our top attraction.

Top Achievements

Restoration of the Chapelle in the Alexander Park (click link to read more); the most romantic pavilion of the park is back after over 70 years in disrepair (see picture below left, click to enlarge). Also revived is the nearby Lilac Alley.

Restoration of the Marble Fountain in the Catherine Park (click link to read more), the only large fountain at Tsarskoe Selo (see picture above tight, click to enlarge).

Agreement (see picture below left, click to enlarge) between Tsarskoe Selo, the Russian Gazprom and the French Engie on support for restoration of the Lyons Hall in the Catherine Palace. The silk wall lining for the Hall has already been remade after archival and iconographic materials by Prelle, the oldest silk textile mill in French Lyon since the mid-18th century,

Three wins at the AVICOM F@IMP 2.0 Festival 2018 (see picture above right, click to enlarge), with the Creative Exhibition Installation Gold Prize for the Charity in the Great War multimedia panel and the Medium Film Gold Prize for The Last Year: Russia Exiting the Great War video for our WWI Museum, and the Short Film Silver Prize for the Four Museums’ Centenary Project’s promotional video (see below).

The Four Museums’ Centenary Project (click link to read more). 2018 was the year when Tsarskoe Selo, Peterhof, Pavlovsk and Gatchina celebrated their 100th anniversary as state museums. The project included a series of lectures at the Alexandrinsky Theatre New Stage, a joint exhibition in Palermo (Italy), academic conferences, and the breakthrough exhibition To Keep Forever at St Petersburg’s Manege.

Exhibition Alexander II at Tsarskoe Selo. ‘Home at last…’ dedicated to the Emperor’s 200th birth anniversary.

Our Project Association’s 10th anniversary exhibition Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Top Acquisitions

Four engravings with the Romanovs and their close ones,
books with the stamp of the Tsarskoe Selo Imperial Library,
a letter personally signed by Alexander II,
and an album of prints by Francesco Bartolozzi stolen from the Alexander Palace during WWII.
(click links to read more)

Top Resolutions for 2019

Restoration of the Catherine Palace Chapel (Church of the Resurrection).
Restoration of the Lyons Hall in the Catherine Palace.
Reopening of the Gala Rooms in the Alexander Palace after restoration.

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