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The Reception Room of Nicholas II

The Reception Room was the first in the suite of Emperor Nicholas II’s private rooms located to the right of the corridor on the ground floor of the right wing in the Alexander Palace. After the reconstruction directed by Robert Melzer in 1896–98 this room was used as the imperial family’s dining-room, from the décor of which the oak panels, fireplace and chandelier survive.
As it was situated next to Nicholas’s Working (Old) Study, this room came to be used as the Emperor’s Reception Room, where ministers, officials and also foreign ambassadors would await an audience.

The furnishings of the Reception Room comprises a large table in the centre beneath the chandelier (that was installed by F. Melzer’s firm in 1899 and has survived down to the present), a desk, a sofa and also paintings, photographs, silver items and two stands for guns and banners that were all recorded on early twentieth-century photographs.

The Reception Room of Nicholas II
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