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The State Study of Nicholas II

The State or New Study in the Alexander Palace ended the suite of Nicholas II’s private rooms. It was used during his reign for meetings of the Council of Ministers and the presentation of deputations and commissions. Here too the Emperor played billiards with the grand dukes and officers of his retinue.

The mezzanine with columns of polished marble was connected by a passageway above the corridor with the Maple Drawing-Room of Alexander Fiodorovna, who was able to be secretly present during the Emperor’s meetings.

The elements of the décor and furniture for the study were created in 1903–06 at the factory belonging to Friedrich Melzer, the supplier to the imperial court, to designs by the court architect Robert Melzer. Surviving today from the original interior are the panels, the fireplaces, the mezzanine with its columns, the mahogany ceiling and also portraits, photographs, porcelain items and books. The present decoration of the walls, with stencilled ornament, and also the bookcases, corner sofa, writing desk, wall-light and chandeliers were recreated in 1997 from measurements and historical photographs. The portrait of Nicholas II’s father, Emperor Alexander III, painted by Valentin Serov (1865–1911) has returned to its rightful place, as has the collection of porcelain from the Danish Royal and Russian Imperial factories and other memorial objects.

The State Study of Nicholas II
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