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The Krasnoe Selo (Elephant) Gate

The gate in the Gothic Revival style was built to the design of the Scottish-born architect Adam Menelaws in 1823–24 as a remote entrance to the Alexander Park from the road to Krasnoe Selo. Its second name comes from the now non-existent ‘Pavilion for Elephants’, constructed nearby by the same architect in 1828.

The gate is composed of a pair of two-storied brick gatehouses (guardhouses) symmetrically flanking a three-part gateway. The gatehouses with bay fronts and lancet windows of three mullions are decorated with limestone wall facing and merlons at the top. Adapted to accommodate park guards in 1876, the gatehouses then had plastered interiors with ovens, wooden stairs, and oak doors and windows.

The cast-iron gateway with four ball-topped posts and arch ornament has a wide two-leaf central part for riders and carriages, flanked by two pedestrian entrances.

Heavily damaged during the Second World War, the gate was restored in 2008.

The Krasnoe Selo (Elephant) Gate
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