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‘I would want to live and die in Paris
if there were not such a place as Moscow.’
Vladimir Mayakovsky

Dear Colleagues!

We invite you to participate in the 22nd Tsarskoye Selo Academic Conference

'Russia – France: an alliance of cultures'
the Catherine Palace of Tsarskoye Selo on 28–30 November 2016

to consider mutual influences of Russian and French cultures
over the two hundred year history of the Russian Empire.

     A more intensive development of the Russian and French interests in each other took place when the two countries established diplomatic relations in the time of Peter the Great. It is noteworthy that even the worst periods of political conflicts did not seriously affect the mutual cultural attraction.

     The ‘wonderful France’ would attract rich Russian aristocrats who saw it as a setter of trends and tastes, political emigrants who perceived it as some unattainable ideal of state and social system, and creative intelligentsia for whom Paris – the world’s cultural capital at the time – became a symbol of freedom of creativity.

     Russia entered the cultural dialogue as a country of mystery to France. A serious attention to Russian culture appeared thanks to some great French educators and eminent cultural figures – the “Russian Parisians”, brilliantly educated writers and poets who visited Russia. At the turn of the twentieth century, the Ballets Russes opened to Paris a refined country of subtle spirituality and some wonderful creative innovations that set a trend in art development for a whole century.

     The conference will highlight the history of Russian-French relations, focusing on architecture and fine arts and crafts.

     The Conference proceedings will be published by the Conference opening.

Conference Deadlines:

15 May 2016 – Deadline for application form submission (should be e-mailed to Your application (available for downloading below at the bottom of this page) should be completed in Russian or English and contain your first and last names, current occupation and workplace, academic paper title, contact phone and e-mail address. 

1 July 2016 – Deadline for academic paper submission
(should be in Russian and e-mailed to

Academic Paper Requirements:

(Organizing Committee reserves the right to reject papers not conforming to theme and/or requirements) 

  • Should be based on previously unpublished materials;
  • In Russian, 8–10 pages in Word format, font size 14, one-and-a-half spaced text, notes at the end;
  • Up to 5–6 annotated illustrations (300 dpi).

Presentation Rules & Language:

Each oral presentation should be limited to 20 minutes.
Russian is the official language of the Conference.

Accommodation & Transport Expenses:

Travel fares, transport and accommodation expenses have to be borne by conferees.

Conference Organizing Committee:

Tsarskoye Selo State Musuem-Preserve
7 Sadovaya St, Pushkin, St. Petersburg, 196601, Russia
Tel:        +7 (812) 465 5423
Tel/Fax:  +7 (812) 465 2018

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