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The Alexander Palace

Texts by:
Larisa V. Bardovskaya, Head Curator of Tsarskoye Selo
Victoria F. Plaude, Curator
Irina G. Stepanenko, Curator





Book of annotated illustrations

Aurora Art Publishers
St Petersburg, 2010
Number of printed copies: 2000
Language: Russian  




A Russian Classicism gem of the late eighteenth century, the Alexander Palace of Tsarskoye Selo was created by the renowned Italian architect Giacomo Quarenghi for Catherine II’s grandson, the future Emperor Alexander I, and then served for many years as a summer residence of Russian tsars and their families.

The richly illustrated book consists of three chapters with professional annotations. The first chapter Quarenghi’s chef d'oeuvre in Tsarskoye Selo by Victoria Plaude reveals the building’s architecture and interior designs.

The second chapter A place in history, a place in life, written by Larisa Bardovskaya, is devoted to the royal owners of the palace.

The Alexander Park by Irina Stepanenko is the third chapter, which acquaints the reader with the romantic site of architectural and landscape park art.

This publication is intended for everybody interested in Russian history and culture.

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