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Tsarskoye Selo during the Reign of
Empress Elizabeth Petrovna

by Аlexander N. Benois

Commemorating the 300th-year anniversaries of Empress Elizabeth Petrovna’s birth and of Tsarskoye Selo foundation, the Museum initiated the re-publication of the 1910 art-historical monograph Tsarskoye Selo during the Reign of Empress Elizabeth Petrovna by Аlexander N. Benois.



Reprinted edition of 1910
Alfaret Publishers, 2009
Number of printed copies: 50
Language: Russian



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Benois’s marvellous work, which marked the 200th anniversary of Tsarskoye Selo, sees its first re-publishing since the original edition of 1910 by R. Golike & A. Vilborg Partnership. A century later, this book is sill as important historically and referred to by all today’s studies on Russian 18th-century art.

Thanks to the efforts of St Petersburg’s best art publishers, the reprinted edition is as luxurious as the subject demands. Printed on the finest paper with leather bind, gold embossing, special “Elizabethan” type and lots of masterly made illustrations by Eugene Lanceray, Konstantin Somov, Mstislav Dobuzhinsky and Alexander Benois himself, it is a true piece of art, an example of high taste and an exquisite publishing achievement.

The original text has been supplemented by an introduction on the book’s history and by modern translations and comments.

This book will be a perfect gift for art historians and bibliophiles, or anyone interested in the history and art of 18th-century Russia, as well as for those who love Tsarskoye Selo and its monuments and are intrigued by the personality of Empress Elizabeth Petrovna.

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