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Treasures from a private collection

Texts by researchers from Tsarskoye Selo and State Hermitage





Exhibition Catalogue
Published by the Tsarskoye Selo Museum
Design by Konstantin А. Kuzminsky
St Petersburg, 2012
Number of printed copies: 1000
Language: Russian


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This catalogue covers the exhibition Treasures from a Private Collection held June 6th to September 23, 2012, in the Zubov Wing of the Catherine Palace, presenting over two hundred previously unexhibited works of various arts from the Karisalov family collection.

The exquisite 18th/19th-century works of Russian art on display include expressive portraits, masterly bronzes, elegant furniture pieces and unique Kholmogory bone carvings. A sensational list of the exhibited treasures embraces canvases by Dmitry Levitsky and Vladimir Borovikovsky, bronzes by Pierre-Philippe Thomir and Friedrich Bergenfeldt, clocks by David Roentgen and Heinrich Gambs, furniture after designs by Luigi Rusca and Carlo Rossi, porcelains from the famous Etruscan and Gothic services, the rarest bone-carved icons and sparkling cut glass pieces by the St Petersburg Imperial Porcelain Manufactory.  

The richly illustrated catalogue, published by the Tsarskoye Selo Museum, consists of seven sections: Paintings and sculpture, Furniture, Bronze, Clocks, Porcelain and glass, Bone carving, Arms and stone works. Each section opens with an article written by one of the researches from the Tsarskoye Selo Museum and the State Hermitage Museum: Iraida K. Bott, N.Y. Guseva, N.S. Petrova, I.O. Sychyov, I.N. Ukhanova. The painting items are annotated according to the attributions made by researchers from the State Russian Museum, the Grabar Restoration Centre and the Andrei Rublev Central Museum of Early Russian Art.     

This publication will be of interest to fine art cognoscenti.

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