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The Romanovs: From Tsarskoye Selo to Cincinnati


Exhibition Booklet
Published by Tsarskoye Selo State Museum-Preserve
Design by Konstantin А. Kuzminsky
St Petersburg, 2013
Number of printed copies: 500
Languages: Russian, English

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The booklet is based on the materials of The Romanovs: From Tsarskoye Selo to Cincinnati exhibition dedicated to one of the family branches of the Romanovs, namely the descendants of Grand Duke Pavel, the younger son of Emperor Alexander II of Russia.

The texts: The Great Puzzle by Michael Romanoff Ilyinsky (Cincinnati), Grand Duke Pavel Alexandrovich 1860–1919 and The Last Heroic Feat of the Horse Guards Regiment (Grand Duke Dmitry Pavlovich and the Horse Guards Jubilee in 1931) by Dmitri K. Matlin (St. Petersburg researcher and collector), The Paley Palace at Tsarskoe Selo – “our wonderful, …our beloved home” by Iraida K. Bott (Tsarskoye Selo), A New Perspective on the Past: A Portrait of Grand Duke Dmitri Pavlovich by Natalia Timakova (Tsarskoye Selo).

The booklet includes a rich compilation of documents, photographs, letters and drawings from the holdings of Tsarskoye Selo, the Romanoff Ilyinsky family archives, and St. Petersburg private collections.

This publication will be of interest to all fond of the history of Russia and those who had to come through trials and tribulations after 1917.

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