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Fine Art Bronze in the Collections of Tsarskoye Selo

by Tatiana V. Serpinskaya, Senior Scientific Employee

Aurora Art Publishers
St Petersburg, 2009
Number of printed copies: 2000
Language: Russian

This album is devoted to artistic bronze, an important component of the collections of the State Museum-Preserve Tsarskoye Selo.

The Catherine Palace’s re-created interiors, historical pictures, pre-war photographs and extant furnishings tell us about the former splendour of Tsarskoye Selo, where bronze items like clocks, lighting fixtures, fireirons, vases and other applied art works, served as important interior decorations. The metal’s great technical properties gave the artists, sculptors and architects of past centuries a huge variety of creative combinations for artworks, while foundry workers, chasers, gilders and other bronze craftsmen had good opportunities to display their mastery.

The imperial bronzeware at Tsarskoy Selo numbers nearly a thousand items and includes world-level masterpieces, such as unique examples of 18th- and 19th-century Western European and Russian bronzes and memorial items that belonged to crowned owners of the residence, as well as modest household utensils. The special  pride of the collection are the unique creations after designs of the renowned architects Charles Cameron and Ippolito Monighetti, analogues of which cannot be found in any other museums.

This publication is intended for both specialists and general readers interested to enlarge their historical knowledge of the former imperial summer residence by learning more about the unique bronze collection of Tsarskoye Selo.


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