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Keepsakes. Souvenirs from Past and Present

by the Tsarskoye Selo State Museum-Preserve





Exhibition Catalogue
Skarabei Publishers
St Petersburg, 2010
Number of printed copies: 1000
Language: Russian



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This catalogue is based on materials for the exhibition Keepsakes. Souvenirs from Past and Present, set out in the Upper Bathhouse pavilion of the Catherine Park for summer 2010. The display, devoted to the 300th anniversary of the imperial summer residence, was organized by Tsarskoye Selo in cooperation with the State Hermitage Museum, History of St. Petersburg State Museum and Peterhof State Museum-Preserve.

The core of the exhibition is constituted by objects from the late 19th and the early 20th centuries commemorating occasions like Nicholas II’s coronation, the Tsarskoye Selo 200th Anniversary and the House of Romanov Tercentenary. Souvenirs from the modern time include those marking the 1000th anniversary of Yaroslavl, the 850th of Vologda, 300th of St. Petesrburg, 60th of the Victory (WWII), as well as the Sapsan High Speed Train Launch in 2009, and others.

The catalogue is opened by the introductory articles written by the Museum’s scientific employees: The Coronation of Nicholas II and the House of Romanov Tercentenary by Pavel Kanayev, The Tsarskoye Selo Anniversary Exhibition of 1911 by L. Martianova, and Souvenirs of the 21st century by L. Merkurieva, Director General for OOO Skarabei (Corporate Member of the Society of Friends of Tsarskoye Selo).

This publication is intended for a wide audience interested in Russian history and culture.

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