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, 19.07.2011

The Tsarskoye Selo: The Far and the Near exhibition marks the 100th issue of Kvartalny Nadziratel Magazine, an associate of the project, dedicated to the town of Pushkin.

The Far is in the old black and white pictures of Tsarskoye Selo, selected by Anna Petrova (Editor of the magazine) from the collection of the Central State Archive for Cinemographic, Photographic and Phonographic Documents to convey the exciting “noise of time”, from pre-revolutionary glamour to post-war restoration.

The Near is seen in the works by Yury Molodkovets, whose magnifying glass type photography zooms into the sights, stones, light patches and tree shadows of today's Tsarskoye Selo, bringing out the details that usually escape the eye.

The exhibition will run from July 19 to September 18, 2011 at the Admiralty pavilion, with free admission.   See on Map


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