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We are excited to present at Tsarskoe Selo the exhibition Russian Anzacs: Threads of a Buried History, dedicated to the hundreds of Russian members of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps who fought in the First World War.

The exhibition is housed in the Martial Chamber, the first and only museum in Russia dedicated to the First World War, opened in August 2014.

For a long time, this tragic period of history had almost been forgotten in our country. Only a hundred years later have we started to fill these ‘white pages’. Our museum, ‘Russia in the Great War’, has become a powerful driver of this process. It is visited by tens of thousands of Russian and international guests annually, hosts temporary exhibitions and invites historians to deliver lectures relevant the First World War.

Many people have donated priceless relics to the museum. It is symbolic that among its donors is Mr Paul Myler, the previous Australian Ambassador to Russia, who personally donated copies of unique photographs of Russian servicemen in the ANZAC force last year.

This new exhibition, organized by Tsarskoe Selo and by the Australian Embassy in Russia, is an important step towards understanding the shared history between Russia and Australia as well as a reminder that the First World War was a time of trials, feats and courage for both countries.

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